Complexity is a measure of the number of properties for a project that are outside of the norm.  The norm is relative to the to the person or organization making the judgment.  The concept of complexity can have many components, for this model the technical components of complexity will be appraised.  Other aspects of complexity are dealt with in the user involvement.  Complexity is important to traceability by decreasing the ability of a person to hold a consistent understanding of the problem and solution.  The inability to develop and hold and understanding increases the need to document the understanding and issues. 


The current version of the model appraises technical complexity by evaluating the following factors:


1.      Size of work

2.      Multiple managers

3.      New technology

4.      Business problems

5.      Technical difficulty

6.      Requirements stability

7.      Project management Constraints

8.      Architectural Impact

9.      People Impact.


Are there other factors?  Should all of these be considered?