It is that time of year!  Time to celebrate what worked and what didn’t (yes I said celebrate what did not – without experimentation there is no growth). I have compiled the top ten interviews and and the top ten essays from the last year.  

Top Ten Essays 

SPaMCAST 137 – Abstractions, Tool Review Agile Board, Joseph Hurtado
SPaMCAST 135 – Metrics Minute – Value at Risk
SPaMCAST 141 – Ready For Agile, A Quiz
SPaMCAST 131 – Agile is form Venus PMOs from Mars, Part Two
SPaMCAST 149 – CMMI Readiness Checklist
SPaMCAST 127 – Agile is from Venus and PMOs from Mars Part 1, MAIN News
SPaMCAST 147 – Selfishness and Process Improvement
SPaMCAST 155 – Systems and Systems Thinking, Part 1
SPaMCAST 145 – Metrics Minute: IFPUG Function Points
SPaMCAST 143 – Do You Have Management Support?

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It is interesting that SPaMCAST 137 the top essay (and nearly the top podcast).  I believe it was popular due to Joseph’s great review.  I would like to include more reviews in 2012.  Another item that caught my eye was the meteoric rise of SPaMCAST 155 on Systems and Systems Thinking.  I need to back that up with an interview or three.  Do you have ideas on whom I should talk to?

Which of these or any of the other essays was your favorite and why?  Are there other observations you would make by looking at the list?  

Next the top ten interviews!