Keloggs Branding

My wife recently sailed from South Hampton to New York City on an ocean liner (different than a cruise liner).  On one of the adventures on-board she and her cousin came across the boxes in the picture.  Both are very iconic, regardless of the language they are printed in.

Change requires more than awareness and knowledge.  Lasting change requires supporting signals to reinforce and trigger what we know we should do.  A recent study in coffee shops in the UK supports the use of signals.  A placard placed in the coffee shop showed the calorie count of each of the snacks available.  Lower and healthier on the left and higher and less healthy on the right.  Nothing else was said.  Data from both the sales register and interviews done afterwards proved that the silent statement was enough to remind people of the desired behavior (the UK has an obesity problem just like the US).  Branding or other forms of visual marketing can provide triggers for behavior.