Chicago Metal Bean Reflection

A few months ago I arrived at a conference in Chicago a few hours early and spent the afternoon wandering around the downtown area.  I love Chicago!  There are always new things to see and do.  Regardless of my mission, I always try to make time to see the Cloud Gate (the metal bean); rain or shine, hot or cold).  Why?  Cloud Gate reminds me that regardless of how I try to see things from different angles there are always different ways to see and experience the world around me.

Seth Godin, the marketing guru, counsels us to have a bias toward action; to  have the guts deliver our products, ideas and processes to market. The advice is sound because without delivering there is no possibility of feedback. Incorporating techniques such as diverse, cross functional teams, short development cycles, incremental deliveries and constant feedback loops into how you deliver process improvements will let you deliver and then gather feedback. In other words use techniques from agile and lean development to change how you improve your processes.

Deliver and then stand under your own Cloud Gate and watch, listen and gather feedback from all of the possible perspectives then deliver again.