Capital Building At Night

I tend to go jogging very early in the morning. Early in the morning you have to worry less about cars, dogs and most office denizens.  The relative quite gives me lots of time to plan the day and more importantly to contemplate the world.  And of course to snap a few pictures.

The US Capital Building houses the two houses of Congress, the US House of Representatives and US Senate.  Regardless of political persuasion we will all agree that organizations like the Congress have rules and processes that guide how work is done.  Processes make work flow efficiently but unfortunately processes can also slow the flow of work if they aren’t continually overhauled.  So why aren’t we focusing on continuous process improvement?

The problem is that someone is always invested in the current way of doing things therefore creating change means building alliances, making deals and selling our ideas.  The word you might be searching for is politics.  We might not like the word but it seems to be part of our DNA.  Maybe instead of avoiding it we should focus on building alliances, making deals and selling our ideas so we can improve how we work and increase the value we deliver.