Denial of a problem doesn’t resolve the problem. How many project status reports report a green status, right up until the day they suddenly are red? Recently I heard of project that was 80% complete for five years before having to be rescued. Both examples might be extreme, however they are not unique. Every time we close our eyes and deny some even minor fact in hope that it will go away, rather than tackling it head on, we postpone our day of reckoning.

In this lecture, Slaying The Dragon Within Us, Jordan Peterson says “if we don’t deal with our dragons they will continue to grow.” Covey says “act or be acted upon.” Projects usually don’t get in behind over night. It is easy to ignore the day here and the day there because it is easier than telling your sponsor or boss that you will be late however by delaying we may foreclose many of the good options for getting back on track. IN THE END both Peterson and Covey exhort us to tackle our problems before they get larger and easier to solve.

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