Imagine: A sign with ALL the rules for the beach. A list just seems to go on and on.

The larger the number of rules, the lower the likelihood that any one will be able to knowingly follow all the rules. So, if the rules are really important, then enforcement (and the overhead required to support enforcement) is required. The enforcement requirements are the tax that reduce the overall amount of value that can be delivered if, as in most organizations, budgets are not unlimited. In a zero sum game, every additional check or level of oversight must be funded from somewhere.

Techniques like Agile espouse simpler processes and simpler enforcement mechanisms. One of the lessons we can learn from Agile is that focusing on the rules that really matter allows us to simplify the enforcement mechanisms. Less enforcement of arbitrary rules leaves us with more time to deliver value.

Now, what exactly is a swim diaper?

FYI: I am posting from China, if the photos are off or the timing is wonky I will correct when I get back.