Standup PrepStand up meetings are the easiest Agile practice to adopt and the easiest to get wrong.  Stand up meetings are team’s gatherings held every day to sync, to make plans for the day and get roadblocks on the table.  The meeting is designed to be short (15 minutes or less) and participation is limited to the team members only. The discussion among the team members is specifically about issues affecting their work, not about collecting status information for outside consumption. The stand up loses effectiveness when it stops being the team’s meeting and becomes the scrum master’s meeting.

When the stand-up becomes the scrum master’s meeting to gather status and guide the work we have moved away from self-organization and muddied the lines of communication. When team members begin talking to the scrum masters instead of each other, everyone who is not part of the immediate conversation becomes an audience member.  An audience will hang in rapt attention if the dialog they are listening relates to their needs. However, they will check out when the conversation does not apply to them.  I use the number of phones that suddenly appear as a measure of conversational relevance. A good scrum master will ensure that the stand up meeting conversation is between the members rather making the stand up about him or herself.