My father 2004.  Thanks Dad!

My father circa 2004. Thanks Dad!

June 16, 2013 is Father’s Day in the United States. Fathers have a huge impact on how we think about and react to the world. According to, children who have engaged fathers have greater problem solving competence and more empathy.

Our role as change agents is to help organizations deliver more value tomorrow than was possible today. In order to deliver on that role change agents solve problems on a daily basis. If you believe that your father is important in the capacity to deliver change then we need to say thank-you.

The ability to understand the emotions of those who are being asked to change, improves our ability to facilitate organizational change. Empathy is an ability we develop in childhood. Team leadership and collaborative decision making techniques works best if we understand how those around us are reacting and adapting to the changes we are facilitating. By helping develop empathy, fathers make us better change agents.

Whether you celebrate Father’s Day today or on another day it is more important to say thank you to your father for helping you to become the best change agent possible.  To my father…thank you for everything!