Commitment, Motivation, Results and Trust, An Equation.

Commitment, Motivation, Results and Trust, An Equation.


Teams and the behavior of teams are critical to delivery of any project. Successful methodologies or frameworks direct activities in order to reinforce behaviors that generate trust in the team’s ability to deliver value. Having teams plan and commit to the work they can deliver generates motivation that will yield results, which will build trust. This is the chain reaction that will deliver value and customer satisfaction.

When a team is able to commit to work in small increments, as in Agile,  it is more apt to understand how to actually deliver. When teams commit and deliver using short cadences (for example, delivering every two weeks) the team can use its own performance to fine tune their future promises. The ability to use performance information in order to do that fine tuning helps the team to deliver on its commitment and make more accurate commitments in the future. So the virtuous cycle continues.

The ability to commit to specific pieces of work with a good chance of being able to deliver it generates motivation. Agile techniques and frameworks provide teams with the mechanism to say what they will deliver. When they then deliver against that commitment, it creates a feedback loop that helps the team build motivation.

A motivated team, with a good understanding of the functionality they have committed to, will have a much higher probability of delivering the results that the organization needs. Organizations fund projects for one reason and one reason alone – results. Process, techniques, methods and frameworks need facilitate the team’s ability to deliver results.

The whole process of a team committing to work, delivering results against that commitment and learning from feedback generated by performance, builds an environment where the organization can trust the team do what they say. Any technique, framework or methodology should be engineered to build motivation, results and trust.  All of these attributes begin with the team being able to understand and commit to the work and then to be able to refine that commitment based performance and results.  In the end, we do projects to deliver results. Therefore our processes need to facilitate the delivery of results.