Can you see the man in the moon?

Can you see the man in the moon?

Motivational Sunday!

I enjoy looking up at the night sky and have ever since I was a child.  I saw something special when I looked up this week. The full moon of August 21, 2013 was a blue moon, meaning that it was the third full moon in a season with four full moons. However when I looked up to see the moon recently, I did not see the Man in the Moon. When did I stop seeing the Man in the Moon? I can remember looking up at the full moon when I was a child to see him. The man in the moon was both a flight of fancy and a goal to be pursued. Once I’d seen it, it was always there. My imagination was primed to see a face on the moon.

Somewhere along the line after learning of craters and mares or after buying a small telescope to look at the moon, the planets and the stars, I lost the Man in the Moon. I had become too structured by my newfound knowledge and perhaps too rational to see an imaginary face – no matter how hard I try. Have I lost the sense of imagination? Have I lost my sense of wonder? Maybe not, but I am troubled that perhaps something innate has escaped, something that needs to be recaptured.

On the next full moon, I am going to study pictures of the Man in the Moon and then go out and see if I can see him. Maybe I will just prove to myself that I can see him but perhaps I can train myself to look more between the lines where imagination lays in wait of discovery. Will my life change by capturing this little piece of my childhood? I don’t know, but I think that being able to imagine and dream – whether it is seeing constellations in the stars, shapes in the clouds or the Man in the Moon  -is a talent worth having. I don’t know if I can recapture the Man in the Moon, but I can try to find out.

Can you see the Man in the Moon? Would you like to try? If you are up for the challenge, let’s start with the full moon on September 19, 2013. Leave a comment if you see the Man in the Moon, Tell me if seeing him changes how you see anything else in the world around you.