Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It is that time of year, part 2! Today we celebrate the ten top interviews from 20013.  I learned something from every interview I did this year.  They all contain nuggets of pure gold that changed how I worked, and in some cases changed how I lived my life. While all of the interviews were great, today I want to share the top ten downloaded interviews from the 2013 ‘ish.  The top ten most downloaded interviews were:

SPaMCAST 254 – Matt Heusser, Agile Testing, Test Professionalism
SPaMCAST 220 – Stephen Parry, Adaptive Thinking, Command and Control
SPaMCAST 264 – Alexei Zheglov, Lean and More
SPaMCAST 250 – Ben Linders, Success With Agile
SPaMCAST 246 – Tobias Mayer, The People’s Scrum
SPaMCAST 224 – Mike Burrows, Kanban Values
SPaMCAST 236 – Taylor, Rosenhead, James, Strategies for Project Sponsorship
SPaMCAST 248 – Pat O’Toole, Project Improvement, Process Improvement
SPaMCAST 258 – Steve Tendon, Hyper-productivity
SPaMCAST 256 – Kenny Rubin, Scrum, Economic Frameworks for Agile

Click on the link to listen to any that may have missed or just to treat yourself to another listen.

Any trends?  The only trend I see is that SPaMCAST listeners love an eclectic mix of new ideas regardless of framework or methodology.  The top ten downloaded interviews in 2013 were a cross section of tips for immediate consumption and also about building base knowledge about how work is and can be done.

I hope your holiday season met your expectations and that you have set your goals for 2014 astronomically high. The one thing I know about my listeners is that they are all overachievers.  Let me know how the Software Process and Measurement Cast can help you meet those goals!

Notes:  I complied download statistics for podcast released between 1 December 2012 and 30 November 2013.  SPaMCAST specials, for example the downloadable copy of the SNAP Counting Manual, were not included.