04_14 Garlic

Producing now, so we can consume later.

A food chain is the sequence between production and consumption. In software development the development team generates the functionality that is delivered to a user. In the measurement food chain, the measures that the team generates and collect marks the beginning of process that is consumed to create analysis and reports.  As the team develops, enhances or maintains functionality they consume raw materials, such as effort, ideas and the time to produce an output to be measured.  Managers and administrators monitor the consumption of inputs, the process of transformation and the outputs.  Each of these components can be analyzed and measured; transformed into a number that equates to value or cost.  The comparison of value to cost can be evaluated against the trials and tribulation of production, adding a significant component to the overall value equation.

The question that begs to be asked is ‘who needs this data?’  Who can and does leverage the output of measurement?  Does the audience for measurement include the project and support personnel that create and maintain the functionality?  Or is measurement merely a tool to control the work and workers?   In order to maximize value of you metrics program all constituencies must derive value: development teams, administrators, project managers and organizational managers.  Design measures with this end in mind.