Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Last year I said that I learned something from every interview I did. I can say the same thing again this year. I think the interviews I did this year continue to reflect the evolution how work is done in IT organizations. Agile, lean and Kanban still are growing and evolving. Older frameworks are either adapting (or being adapted) to newer frameworks or fading in relevance. While I am out running and listening to podcasts earlier this week I heard someone make the statement that as processes age they typically don’t crash and burn, but rather fade into irrelevance. (I suspect this was from the Gist Podcast but . . .)  I think the blurring of the lines between Agile and lean will be an continuing trend to follow in 2015, but at the same time, I continue to scan the edges of acceptable development behavior to try to identify the next wave. Having been in this industry for more than a few years I can guarantee that there will be a next wave (and it will be cool)!  Do you have ideas about what will be the next big thing?

The top 10 most downloaded interviews were:

  1. SPaMCAST 310 – Mike Burrows, Kanban from the Inside
  2. SPaMCAST 318 – Rob Cross, Big Data and Data Analytics In Software Development
  3. SPaMCAST 302- Larry Maccherone, Measuring Agile
  4. SPaMCAST 312 – Alex Neginsky, A Leader and Practitioner’s View of Agile
  5. SPaMCAST 314 – Crispin, Gregory, More Agile Testing
  6. SPaMCAST 282 – Ben Linders and Luis Gonçalves on Retrospectives
  7. SPaMCAST 300 – Vasco Duarte, #NoEstimates
  8. SPaMCAST 306 – Luis Gonçalves, No More Performance Appraisals
  9. SPaMCAST 316 – David Rico, Agile Cost of Quality
  10. SPaMCAST 290 – Jan Beaver, The Agile Team Handbook

Every other week I publish and essay and recently include one or more columns from SPaMCAST contributors.  The top 5 Essays were:

  1. SPaMCAST 281 – Value Chain Mapping, Kim Pries The Software Sensei on Big Data
  2. SPaMCAST 295 – TDD, Software Sensei, Cognitive Load
  3. SPaMCAST 309 – Agile User Acceptance Testing
  4. SPaMCAST 313 – Initial Backlogs
  5. SPaMCAST 315 – Scrum Masters, Hughson, Form Follows Function

I want to say a major thank you to Gene Hughson, Kim Pries, Jo Ann Sweeney and Steve Tendon who provided INCREDIBLE columns for the Cast during 2014.  I suspect that the success of this podcast in 2014 is a reflection of their participation.

On January 29th 2007, SPaMCAST 001 was posted (show zero posted on Jan 18th) with an interview with Craig McKnight on Process and Product Quality Assurance (check it out).  At the end of January 2015 we will begin year 9 of the podcast.  Are there topics and interviews you would like us to do in year 9?  Are you interested in writing a column?  Are you interesting in sponsoring the Cast?  Send an email and we will set up a call to discuss any of these topics!

Happy New Year!