We continue showcasing our 2015 efforts with the ten most accessed blog articles written in 2015.  As with the recap of the ten most downloaded episodes of the Software Process and Measurement Cast, the blog entries that caught our reader’s eyes were widely varied.  I am thrilled that two entries from our Re-Read Saturday feature made the top ten list because the Software Process and Measurement Blog tends to get its most traffic on weekdays, which often means that Saturday and Sunday post are seen less. The inference is that the blog is being accessed primarily from work (we work very hard to keep the blog and the podcast office safe for exactly that reason).

1. Budgeting, Estimation, Planning, #NoEstimates and the Agile Planning Onion

2. The Difference Between a Persona and an Actor

3. Re-read Saturday: Consolidating Gains and Producing More Change, John P. Kotter Chapter 9

4. The House of Lean, or Is That The House of Quality?

5. Prioritization: Weighted Shortest Job First

6. You Are Not Agile If . . .

7. Project Management Is Dead (Refined)

8. You Are Not Agile (If You Only Do Scrum)

9. Re-read Saturday: Anchoring New Approaches in The Culture, John P. Kotter Chapter 10

10. DevOps Primer: Definition

Almost every article was part of a two to four article thread that allowed us to explore a topic in depth. I must note that we build a mind map for each thread adding topics and ideas as we research and write the articles. In almost every case as we conclude a thread we can conclude with the phrase, “to be continued.”

For those that like numbers, traffic on the blog was up by 16.7% between 2014 and 2015 even though we went from daily publishing to four times a week. We may experiment with publishing days later this year but the frequency feels just about right.

We are working on a two month rolling content calendar for 2016 and would be happy to have your input on each of the topics and on future topics. Planned threads for the remainder of January and February:

  1. Contrasting Peer Reviews and Gate Reviews
  2. Agile Acceptance Testing – Revisited and Refined
  3. Minimum Viable Product
  4. Leadership is Not a Task

Current Re-Read Saturday Book:

·How to Measure Anything – Douglas W. Hubbard

I will be polling for the next book in the series sometime in February. However, feel free to suggest books now (maybe even something from the list that our 2015 podcast interviewees suggested).

Thank you for your eyes, thoughts, ideas, comments, likes, tweets, and reblogs. We will work hard to continue to bring great content to in 2016!