Øredev 2016
November 9 – 11
Malmö, Sweden

Øredev was AWESOME!  The short review reads: good sessions, good food, good people and great conversations.  Here’s the longer version . . .

I attend and speak at several conferences every year. Those conferences include process, test, measurement, quality and development conferences.  This year I was asked to speak at Øredev. The conference portion of Øredev, described as a developer conference, spanned three days run by a master of ceremonies who managed six excellent keynote speakers that challenged the audience to harness the power of computer in the broadest sense. Two of the keynotes stood out above the rest.  The most memorable was  Christian Heilmann’s talk on the fourth industrial revolution.  Mr Heilmann got me excited about the computing power and interfaces between humans and machines just over the horizon.  There are exciting times to come.  The second was Jurgen Appelo’s keynote titled “Managing for Happiness,” which discussed Management 3.0 and the fact that happy workers are more productive workers.  

In addition to the keynotes, there were over 180 track sessions.  Each day was made up of seven tracks each.  Sessions on coding, testing, project management, risk, tools, and even mindfulness.  As a somewhat jaded conference goer, I found at least one session for each time that was useful and challenging.  For example, Jose Lorenzo Rodriguez’s session titled “Fixing mind anti-patterns with mindfulness” has stayed with me since I attended his session (expect to hear Jose on the podcast).

One of the more interesting features of this conference was the food (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner) and the evening events at the conference location. Every effort was made by the conference organizers to facilitate conversations between the attendees which, in the end is what makes a conference more than a series of lectures. The cacophony of voices in engaged in earnest and passionate conversations was invigorating. I was originally a bit anxious about attending a conference that even though in English, the attendees were more comfortable in languages that I have never studied.  I think I will remedy that in the future.    

One of the exciting parts of attending Øredev was meeting several people that I have interviewed on the Software Process and Measurement Cast (some multiple times). Interviewees that we also Øredev speakers included:

Jim Benson – SPaMCAST 400 – Jim Benson Personal Kanban and More

Allan Kelly – SPaMCAST 353 -Allan Kelly, #NoProjects

Mike Burrows – SPaMCAST 396 – Mike Burrows, AgendashiftSPaMCAST 310 – Mike Burrows, Kanban from the Inside

Marcus Hammarberg – SPaMCAST 414 – Marcus Hammarberg, Agile In the Real World

Listen to their interviews and then watch the video of their talks on the Øredev site.  

I did talks on Agile Risks and on using Storytelling to Define the Big Picture In Agile (the links are to the videos).  A funny story, near the end of  the talk on storytelling, for some reason the projection system froze.  It was still a fun presentation and I was happy it was not my computer that was the problem.

The long and short of Øredev?  This is a developer conference.  There is lots of live coding going on. But, Øredev is more than a conference about development.  There are topics for everyone involved in the delivery of functional software.