With 2017 just beginning I want to spend a few moments to showcase the most popular podcasts and blog entries published in 2016.

For those of you who read the blog and don’t listen to the podcast, a quick reminder — the Software Process and Measurement Podcast explores the varied world of software process improvement and measurement, providing solutions and advice on how to improve value delivery effectiveness. SPaMCAST combines essays, commentaries, interviews, question and answer sessions, and your feedback to serve up ideas, options, opinions, and advice that can be applied in the real world.  In a nutshell, the cast provides advice for and from practitioners, methodologists, pundits, and consultants!

The podcast is published every Sunday, 52 times a year (except when we have equipment failure).  We publish two types of podcasts.  The first type features an interview, and the second is more of a magazine and includes an essay from the blog and two or three columns from a great group of contributors.  The current cast of characters includes:

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The 5 top downloaded interview podcasts of 2016 (as of 1/2/2017) were:

  1.       SPaMCAST 374 – Jerry Weinberg, Quality, Grandfather of Agile Web  Audio
  2.       SPaMCAST 396 – Mike Burrows, Agendashift  Web  Audio
  3.       SPaMCAST 406 – Erik van Veenendaal, Quality, Agile and the TMMi   Web  Audio
  4.       SPaMCAST 404 – Ryan Ripley, The Business of Agile Web  Audio
  5.       SPaMCAST 372 – Vasco Duarte, #NoEstimates Web   Audio

An interesting mix of people populated the top five interviews in 2016.  Lots of information on Agile, but also a strong showing for testing and the TMMi.  The interview with Jerry Weinberg was one of my favorites and it is great to see that it was one of yours. Jerry has been an amazing force in the software development world for a long time and continues to be a huge influence.

The 5 top downloaded magazine podcasts of 2016 (as of 1/2/2017) were:

  1.    SPaMCAST 413 – Scaling Management, Throughput Accounting, QA Tools Web   Audio
  2.    SPaMCAST 419 – Notes on Distributed Stand-ups, QA Corner, Configuration Management, Software Sensei
        Web  Audio
  3.    SPaMCAST 409 – Team Structure, QA Presentations, Eliciting Requirements Web  Audio
  4.    SPaMCAST 417 – Six Elements of Business Stories, QA Corner, Herbie and Tame Flow  Web  Audio
  5.    SPaMCAST 376 – Women In Tech, Microservices, Capabilities and More  Web  Audio                           

The five top magazine podcast included an appearance by EVERYONE of the SPaMCASTs columnists.  This year the first year where the magazine casts typically surpassed the number of downloads for the interview casts.  I think that the listeners of the podcast get significant value for hearing many voices!  I hope to add a few more diverse voices to the mix in 2017.

In mid-January, we will complete year 10 of podcasting essays, interviews, and columns. I look forward to continuing to edit and guide the SPaMCAST during Year 11 and beyond.

Software Process and Measurement Cast Blog  

A brief review of the cadence for the blog.  We publish material on the blog four days a week and over those four days we have three types of entries.  The first type of entry are essays focused on software process and measurement.  These type of entries are published on Tuesday and Thursday and generally relate to a 4 essay theme. The second type of entries are those that fall into the Re-Read Saturday category.  We are currently finishing the re-read of Five Dysfunctions of a Team.  This essay is published on Saturday (hence the name).  The final type of entry on the blog is the announcement podcast posting which posts on Sunday.  The top five new entries on the blog in 2016 were:  

  1.    Metrics: Four Types of Productivity
  2.    Basics: Difference Between Process, Procedures, and Techniques
  3.    Basics: Difference Between Models, Frameworks, and Methodologies
  4.    Productive Agile Teams:  I, T, E and M Shaped People
  5.    Post Agile Age: The Movement Is Dead

Two of the top five entries are part of the basics theme published in March.  The Post Agile Age entry was published December 1st and has been moving up the list.

Every year I am amazed by what I learn from interviewees, columnists, the research for the essays and discussions with listeners. Based on my observations and conversations with a wide range of practitioners, I believe the use of Agile, lean and Kanban still are expanding and evolving, even as Agile as a movement fades. Older frameworks continue to both adapt and incorporate newer frameworks or they fade in relevance.  Which means that in order to stay relevant all of us must continue to learn and adapt. I hope the podcast and the blog can help all of us stay on the front lines of leading change in the world of software development. The Software Process and Measurement Cast crew will continue to scan the edges of acceptable development methods to try to identify the next new wave of change, and I can guarantee that there will be a next wave of change (see Post-Agile Age: The Age of Aquarius (Something Better is Beginning)). However, we need you to let us know what new trends you are seeing and topics you would like us to explore so that everyone that reads the blog or listens to the podcast can benefit.

We have a lot of plans for 2017 that cover both the podcast and blog.

  1. Monthly Update on Appearances
  2. New Website – this will happen this year!
  3. Implement Patreon for Fund Raising
  4. Add New Voices to Magazine
  5. Upgrade Studio (potentially add video capability)
  6. Mobile Recording Equipment

More on these topics as they are ready (one will appear tomorrow).  2017?  Let’s have some fun!