Frederick Course

We are taking a one week break from our re-read of Holacracy (If you don’t have a copy, use the link to help support and defray the costs of the Software Process and Measurement Cast blog and podcast). We are taking the break because I am participating in the Frederick Running Festival.  I will be slowly running my 4th ½ marathon and between the drive and festivities, the editing on this week’s entry is incomplete.   

Please catch up on the first four entries in the re-read
Week 1:  Logistics and Introduction
Week 2: Evolving Organization
Week 3: Distribution Authority
Week 4: Organizational Structure

Next week, we will tackle governance.

A Call To Action

I need your help. I have observed that most podcasts and speakers at conferences over-represent people from Europe and North America.  I would like to work on changing that exposure. I would like to develop a feature featuring alternate software development voices beginning with Africa and Southeast Asia. If this feature works we will extend it to other areas.   If you can introduce me to practitioners that would be willing to share their observations (short interviews) I would be appreciative!  Contact us at