Book Cover

We will begin the re-read of L. David Marquet’s Turn the Ship Around! next week and I am stoked. Buy your copy and listen to the interview I did with Mr. Marquet (SPaMCAST 202) to get involved in the re-read.  I am going to lead the re-read from my copy from 2012 (7th printing).  The book has 29 chapters, not including the forward, a cast of characters, index, afterword, and a glossary. The book is an easy read because Marquet is such an excellent communicator.  My intent is to knock out the preface material next week and then begin delivering 2 chapters per week. If my estimating ability holds true, we will complete our re-read in 18 weeks.  I expect to miss two weeks due to travel.

I was introduced originally to David Marquet’s remarkable book by Bill Fox (Bill’s website is  Container 13.  Captain Marquet’s ideas of leadership have had and continue to have a major impact on how I lead and interact with everyone in my life.  Before we begin I want to say thanks to Bill for the introduction and thank you to David. If you have not read this book please buy a copy and dive in. I would also suggest checking out David’s Intent Based Leadership YouTube channel, Leadership Nudge, to reinforce the ideas in the book and to see the evolution of the ideas from Turn the Ship Around