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Show 500!  SPaMCAST 001 went live on Sunday, January 28, 2007, at 9:28 PM – it has been a great journey from then to now!  The first interview was a two-parter with Will McKnight. Give it a listen at   

Show 500, SPaMCAST 500, Episode 500, #500  (I will probably say that 500 more times this week) features our interview with Marcus Blankenship.  Marcus and I talked teams and what makes a team good. We also discussed who owns the behaviors and values of a team. The team is core to most software development, enhancements, and maintenance. Understanding how teams work and how to make them work better makes ABSOLUTE sense.  Marcus provides great thoughts and advice on agile teams. I am thrilled that Marcus joined the SPaMCAST family on show 500!

Marcus helps CTO’s fire-up their dev teams by creating an environment where everyone can fully participate in problem-solving.  He helps great engineers become the great leader that their team deserves.


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Book: Habits That Ruin Your Technical Team.  Listeners of the podcast will receive 30% off with discount code SPAMCAST.

Show: UNSTUCK: The Tech Leader Q&A Show – Live call-in show for technical managers every Friday at 10am Pacific.

Re-Read Saturday News

This week we are full ahead in our re-read of L. David Marquet’s Turn the Ship Around! We continue the story of the USSN Santa Fe with Chapters 22 and 23.  These two chapters focus on how an organization’s legacy can be used to shape deliberate actions and why principles have to be tied to behavior and decisions to be useful.

Pick the next book in the re-read series.  I will cut the poll off on 2 July.

Current Installment:

Week 15: A Remembrance of War and Leadership at Every Level

Previous Installments:

SPaMCAST 501 will feature our essay on Hard Questions and Agile Metrics.  We will also have columns from Jeremy Berriault and Susan Parente!