Nothing Says Celebration Like Fireworks!

When I first started blogging in November 2006 and then a little later podcasting (later January 2007), I did not specifically envision still being at it over 11 years later. During this period we went from a random entry to blogging daily for a few years to a cadence of four times a week.  I began the podcast publishing every other week and now we are publishing weekly. In June we (there are now a few people involved in the podcast and blog) we passed the milestones of 500 podcasts (not listening? Check out and over 1700 blog entries. I still feel that I have a ton of things to explore, explain, and expand upon, but for today’s post, I’m celebrating. There were the milestones on the blog and podcast, my city is celebrating its bicentennial, in June my wife and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary and on July 4th we are celebrating my wife’s and my country’s birthday.  The month between June 7 and July 4 has been exciting (and busy)!For the first 6 months of the year:Top Five Podcasts:

  1. SPaMCAST 473 – Six Important Flow Metrics and Tameflow Chapter 20 Part 3
  2. SPaMCAST 482 – Natalie Warnert, Diversity and Women in Agile
  3. SPaMCAST 486 – Daniel S Vacanti, Actionable Agile Metrics
  4. SPaMCAST 471 – 20 Transformation Killers, QA and Requirements, Systems Thinking
  5. SPaMCAST 484 – Andriy Bas, Teal, Holacracy, Creativity, Productivity and Flat Organizations

Top Five Blog Entries Published in 2018 (so far)::

  1. Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability by Daniel S. Vacanti, Re-read Saturday Week 11: Introduction to Cycle Time Scatterplots
  2. Coaching versus Mentoring
  3. Eight Categories of Muda
  4. Life Cycle of A User Story: Hierarchy
  5. The Definition of Done: Simplicity and Complexity Revisited

The lists we will share on December 31 will probably look very different. Like the Billboard Hot 100, there are quite a few entries that are charging up the list! I enjoy the competition between entities. Are there particular interviews or blog entries you would like to see? The entries from the Re-read Saturday series remain popular.  For those who participated in the recent poll, I would like to announce that the next book we will read is The Checklist Manifesto  (it was very close). The link to buy a copy and support the podcast is here.One last thing before I go off to watch fireworks. I am working on getting a new feature for the podcast off the ground.  I would like to interview people that would like to share one thing they do that they feel makes them successful. I am looking for a quick five-minute interview to share a short idea that someone involved in testing, developing or helping people that are delivering value think will help. Are you interested? Reach out to me at or and let’s discuss doing a short interview.Have a marvelous day!  We will be back to our theme on Culture on Thursday!