Christmas lights from afar

Sneaking up on the holidays!

As we enter the holiday season, we are going to shift gears a bit and try something a bit out of the ordinary.  Starting next week we are going to start a process of picking both the most overused (or hackneyed) and the favorite agile saying of the SPaMCAST readers and listeners.  Over the year I have been asking (or some variation) the following questions to generate a list:

  1. What is your favorite agile saying? (ie stop starting and start finishing)
  2. What is the saying that you dislike the most?

The list (below) has some of the most common sayings and a few that I have never heard.  There is still time to add to the list. Please review the sayings below and suggest additions.  We will work through a process of judging whether the saying is naughty or nice (just like Santa’s list) and then prioritize the list.  If you have additions please add it to the comments for this blog entry or email it to

The unedited list is below  – some are some duplicates (or are close) and there needs to be some grouping before we begin our journey.  What would you add to the list (good or bad)?

  • “Fail fast, fail often”
  • “We are agile, we do not need <insert product management process here>”
  • “Agile means we do not have to tell you what or when”
  • “Agile means never having to commit”
  • “Customer focused (which enables us to take ridiculous risks)”
  • “Don’t do stupid stuff”
  • “Fail fast, learn fast”
  • Lead from behind
  • “YAGNI”
  • “Premature optimization is the root of all evil”
  • “Move fast and break things”
  • “Learn by shipping”
  • “Planning is useless”
  • “Honk if you love Jesus”
  • “Baby on board”
  • “Kaizen Blitz”
  • “Stop Starting, Start Finishing”
  • “Limit Your Work”
  • “Herbie is Your Friend”
  • “Everyone needs to be on board”
  • “We cannot know everything before we start”.
  • “We need to ensure that we are productive from day one”
  • “Scrum isn’t the problem it highlights the problems”
  • “Influencing without formal authority”
  • “Fail Faster”
  • “Take it to the team”
  • ”Fail. forward. Fast.”
  • ”Stale data erodes context”
  • “Agile isn’t the problem; it exposes the problems”
  • ”Agile means more meetings”