All movements have a collection of sayings and catchphrases, agile and lean are no different. Sayings and catchphrases are metaphors that help guide behavior, however, as Gene Hughson, a long time blogger and contributor to SPaMCAST constantly remind us that thinking in bumper stickers is dangerous because they can obscure broader thought.  Sayings further lose value as they are modified or synthesized into versions that close to the original but lose some of the punch.  Today we begin the process of sorting through different sayings and identifying those that still have power and punch.  Today we tackle a category titled, “Fail Fast and More”

Trying something and learning from the act is as old as human experience. These acts of learning are experiments. Experiments are a tool to gather the data needed to determine whether any specific change will work. Experiments can be grand affairs with huge budgets or as basic as adding an overly ripe banana to pancake batter to see if the result will taste good. Much has been written about creating environments in which team are safe to try new ideas (because experiments in the workplace are rarely 100% safe). There are numerous adages used to promote the idea of experimentation, many keying off the lean-startup idea of ‘failing fast’.  The SPaMCAST Blog and Podcast audience have provided several. Which two are most useful in conveying the role of experimentation in agile and process improvement.

Over the next six days, we will ask for your input on six categories (one per day). On December 26 and 27th we cross the categories for two semi-final polls with the final poll on December 28th.  The ultimate agile saying, at least according to the SPaMCAST community will be announced on January 1st!

Open until 25 December 23:55 (vote early and often – 🙂 )

Do you have a better saying to promote experimentation?   Add it!