Today we continue our six-day journey through six different categories of agile sayings. This is the competition to pick the best of each category.  The competition in our journey is an attempt to deliver a bit of festivity to the yearend (perhaps a bit of an homage to the college football playoffs also). We all use metaphors and sayings to rally the teams as they embrace change, the competition provides a platform to up our game. 

Today’s five sayings addressing the topic of planning were contributed by agilistas (and some agile detractors). When I was first introduced to agile, I briefly made the mistake of seeing the lack of a big upfront plan as the absence of planning.  Experience and practice teach us the power of distributed and continuous planning over the big upfront plan.

A reminder of the logistics:  On December 26 and 27th we cross the categories for two semi-final polls with the final poll on December 28th.  The ultimate agile saying, at least according to the SPaMCAST community, will be announced on January 1st!

This poll and all of the first round polls will be until 25 December 23:55 (vote early and often – 🙂 )


First Round Entries:

Day 1: Fail Fast and More –