Leadership provides vision and the motivation needed to push the boundaries, change direction and challenge the status quo. Teams provide the muscle to make that vision happen.  Leadership and teamwork are core to EVERY human endeavor, agile is no different. Therefore, as with everything important, humans craft shorthand tools to evoke messages of leadership and teamwork.  The Software Process and Measurement family suggested several sayings. Which is the best?

If we are missing your favorite lets us know and we will include it in the final round!  (Anthony Mersino, thanks for reminding me of “go fast to go slow.”)

A reminder of the logistics:  On December 26 and 27th we cross the categories for two semi-final polls with the final poll on December 28th.  The ultimate agile saying, at least according to the SPaMCAST community, will be announced on January 1st!


Day 1 – Fail Fast and More  – https://bit.ly/2A4UxRc

Day 2 –  Planninghttps://bit.ly/2BsIQE8