Getting the most value out of a process is important to every organization.  Flow is a combination of exactly what, how much, and how fast the output gets delivered. Picture putting your head underneath the outlet of a soft serve ice cream machine stuck in the on position.  The balance between how much, how fast and the mixture of chocolate and vanilla become hugely important. As with all important concepts, flow concepts often are shortened into bumper sticker statements.  The Software Process and Measurement listeners have suggested several. Which are your favorites? Pick your top two!

A reminder of the logistics:  On December 26 and 27th we cross the categories for two semi-final polls with the final poll on December 28th.  The ultimate agile saying, at least according to the SPaMCAST community, will be announced on January 1st!


Day 1 – Fail Fast and More  –

Day 2 –  Planning

Day 3 – Team and Leadership –