More Stickers! (3 Floyds Brewery)

Today we being Round 2, the semi-finals, of the agile saying/bumper sticker face-off begins today.  Over six separate blog entries we have shared and you voted on sayings in six categories.

  1. Fail Fast
  2. Planning
  3. Teams and Leadership
  4. Flow
  5. Process Improvement
  6. Catch All

The sayings or bumper stickers as Gene Hughson calls them were collected and contributed during the year. In each category, there was a clear winner in the voting (no recounts needed).  Now it is time to pit the heavyweights in each category against each other. The top saying from the fail fast, planning and flow categories are:

“Fail fast, learn fast”
“YAGNI”  (You Aren’t Going to Need It)
“Stop Starting, Start Finishing”

Our process is simple.  Using the question “If you could only use one the following sayings during 2019 which would it be?” as a guide.  Which saying would you want in your verbal pocket?


Tomorrow we will tackle the second set of categories.