More Stickers!

Eight blog entries ago we started a process to boil down a long list of favorite (or in some cases, perhaps hackneyed) sayings. I use some the sayings/bumper stickers in the polls on a daily basis to make a point or pass a piece of information quickly. Short pithy statements are useful, at least some of the time.

During the last 8 blog entries, we have boiled the list down to a set of two finalists that now go head-to-head to select the king of the hill. Think about the questions. “ If you could only use one in 2019 . . . which would it be?” as you select your choice.

Our two finalists are . . .

“Stop Starting, Start Finishing”

“Plans are worthless but planning is everything”

It is time to pick just one!  The poll . . .

We will share the winner on New Year’s Eve day.