More Stickers!

Nine rounds of voting are complete. We began with six categories and 26 sayings.  By December 28th we were down to two, and after a flurry of voting we ended in a dead heat.  


“Stop Starting, Start Finishing”

“Plans are worthless but planning is everything”

I must admit that on Saturday, I stepped in to break the tie only to have the tie restored minutes later.  Therefore, a tie we have.

“Stop Starting, Start Finishing” – talks to us about controlling work-in-progress, increasing throughput, and most importantly reminding both the persons using and hearing the saying that the goal is to deliver software and value.

“Plans are worthless but planning is everything” – This saying, from the planning category, reminds us that planning is absolutely necessary, but insufficient to getting work done if considered as a discrete event.  

Both are great sayings, but I did expect one to triumph over the other.  

Thank you for your input.  Next year we will try something new to celebrate the end of the year!