As mentioned earlier, the Software Process and Measurement Cast blog featured approximately 212 entries in 2018 (about the same number as 2017).  What was astounding was that the traffic was up 68% over last year

The top six entries published this year were:  

Life Cycle of A User Story: Hierarchy

Turn the Ship Around! By L. David Marquet Re-read Saturday Week 7, Chapters 8 – 9: Change, In a Word and Welcome Aboard Sante Fe

Agile Where Agile Fears to Tread: Commercial Off The Shelf Packages

Life Cycle of A User Story: States

Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability by Daniel S. Vacanti, Re-read Saturday Week 11: Introduction to Cycle Time Scatterplots

Guest Post: Why an Agile Center of Excellence is a Really Bad Idea


Note – the data is for direct page views – the home page of the blog gets the lion’s share of the views, therefore, it is difficult to attribute the data to a single blog entry.

A few blog specific observations:  Two of the Re-read Saturday entries made the top six list. Every once in awhile I consider dropping the Re-read Saturday feature to free up Saturday morning cartoon watching time.  Then I look at the feedback (typically the most comments of all of the posts and the page views) and the results keep me going. The feature also makes me read books more carefully than I normally do. A reminder, remember to buy a copy of the book and read along and use the link in the show notes.  The link uses the SPaMCAST affiliate link – the cash helps to upgrade the equipment and to buy new hard drives. The second observation is that with the exception of Anthony’s guest post, each of the top six is part of a series of entries and the top read seem in the middle of the series. I would love to hear your theory on why the middle entries seem more popular.  

I am done with the self-congratulatory entries at least until June.  A few notes on plans for 2019

  1. Podcast – On January 27th we will begin our 13th year of podcasting.  We are projecting 52 more podcasts next year. Featuring new and old voices.  I take requests, (just ask Steven Adams) — let me know who you like on the podcast.  
  2. Blog – In 2019 we are planning on doing several themes on user stories and requirements. The goal is to more thoroughly map the lifecycle of an idea as it moves from a sparkle in someone’s eye to production. I am thinking about augmenting what is on the blog to create several white papers and finally a LeanPub book.
  3. Site – We came very close to a new site in early 2018.  Then, something happened to our designer. We are working on finding a new designer/programmer to get things over the line.  

What can you do to help?

  • Tell a friend about the blog and podcast.
  • Mention the blog and podcast on Twitter, Facebook or your blog. Every mention helps.
  • For the podcast, post a review wherever you get the cast.
  • If you are a blogger, let’s talk about guest posts.
  • Use the affiliate links in the blog to buy copies of the books in the Re-read Saturday feature or for interviewee’s books.
  • Pitch an audio column to me. You are cool enough to be listening to the podcast you deserve to be heard.
  • I actively seek relevant sponsors on the podcast, consider sponsoring a cast.  Text, call or email me to talk sponsorship –
  • Most importantly, listen to the podcast and read the blog!

Now back to your regularly scheduled content.  Happy New Year.