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SPaMCAST 533 features our essay titled, Can Agile (SAFe) Be Interfaced With Waterfall? The long answer is yes, but the short answer is yes, but try to find a way to avoid the self-inflicted complexity. If you can’t avoid mixing and matching frameworks, there are paths to success you can leverage.

Other essays in our series on interfacing SAFe and waterfall efforts include:

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This week we also have a quick visit from Tom Henricksen.  Tom created the popular Online Agile Summit. Today he announces the DevOps Online Summit that will be held on April 8th through 11th.  After you listen, check out the website!

Jeremy Berriault brings a new installment of the QA Corner ( to the cast this week.  Jeremy leverages work by Simon Sinek and tackles the “why” of testing.

Re-Read Saturday News
This week we continue our re-read of The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. In chapter two, Gladwell dives into the law of the few.  There are three types of people that are important to pushing an idea up to and over a tipping point: connectors, mavens, and salespeople.  All three are required. Remember to dust off your copy or buy a new copy and read along!

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Week 3 – The Law of the Few

Previous entries

Week 2 – The Three Rules of Epidemics

Week 1 – Plans and Introduction

SPaMCAST 534 will feature our interview with Al Shalloway.  Al returns to the SPaMCAST to discuss the trials and tribulations of scaling agile and his passion about getting knowledge transfer right!