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SPaMCAST 539 features our essay titled, Assessment and Continuous Process Improvement. Assessments and continuous process improvement are intertwined because assessments are both a source of ideas and a tool to validate change and other experiments. Other essays that have appeared on the SPaMCAST blog on agile assessments  include:

Assessment and Continuous Process Improvement –

Components Of A Solid Assessment Plan

Assessments: Being or DOing

An Assessment: A Mall Map For Change

We will also have part 2 of Susan Parente’s discussions on distributed agile.  This week we will focus on tools. Susan reminds us that unless you spend time building trust and learning how to communicate, a tool won’t solve a communication problem.

Re-Read Saturday News
This week we conclude the re-read portion of our tour through Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point by tackling both the conclusion and the afterword. The Tipping Point is a theory that viral change—epidemics, in Gladwell’s words—can be caused and shaped by few actions and people. The Law of the Few tells us that connectors, mavens and salespeople can affect whether or not a concept, idea or movement moves across the tipping point and becomes an epidemic.

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I have had several excellent suggestions for what to read next. Right now the leader in the clubhouse is The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  Thoughts?

SPaMCAST 540 will be a TREAT.  My interview with Mark Kilby and Johanna Rothman will be featured!   We discussed their new book, From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams, Collaborate to Deliver (Buy your copy Distributed agile teams are a fact of life, Johanna and Mark provide an extraordinary amount of wisdom for making distributed teams exceptional.