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SPaMCAST 548 features our interview with Heidi Helfand.  Heidi and I discussed teams and her book Dynamic Reteaming: The Art and Wisdom of Changing Teams. Heidi challenges the conventional wisdom that in agile (or any walk of life) that you need to keep your teams “the same” in order to be successful. In short, there are no absolutes except for change.

Heidi’s Bio

Heidi Helfand is Director of Engineering Excellence at Procore Technologies, creators of cloud-based construction software. She is the author of the book Dynamic Reteaming: The Art and Wisdom of Changing Teams which challenges the notion that you need to keep your teams “the same” in order to be successful. Heidi was on the first team at two highly successful startups ñ ExpertCity, Inc. (acquired by Citrix) where she was on the teams that invented GoToMyPC, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar and AppFolio, Inc., a SAAS property management software company. She is a co-active coach certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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Re-Read Saturday News

This week we are re-reading Chapter 5 of Thinking, Fast and Slow, Cognitive Ease. This chapter is full of tactical considerations for how to present information or to influence how teams work.

If you do not have a favorite, dog-eared copy of Thinking, Fast and Slow, please buy a copy.  Using the links in this blog entry helps support the blog and its alter-ego, The Software Process and Measurement Cast. Buy a copy on Amazon,  It’s time to get reading!  

The installments:

Week 1: Logistics and Introduction

Week 2: The Characters Of The Story

Week 3: Attention and Effort

Week 4: The Lazy Controller

Week 5: The Associative Machine

Week 6: Cognitive Ease


SPaMCAST 549 will feature our essay Seven Issues Testers Experience Being Agile.  Recently I attended the QAI Quest Conference in Chicago, during the conference I got to talk with lots of people from across the development spectrum. From the conversations and workshops, I identified seven common threads that test and quality focused personal experience being or trying to be agile.

We will also have a column from Susan Parente who brings her Not a Scrumdamentalist column to the cast!