Once or twice a year I do a webinar for The Great IT Professional. They are a fantastic group and deliver a ton of value to the IT community. Today the webinar I delivered was titled: Value Stream and Process Mapping. The focus of the session was to give listeners an understanding of the differences between a value stream and process map, the questions each of these techniques are useful for addressing, and a place to start the process for each.  

I have heard that the audio was spotty (at best). I have been assured by the folks at The Great IT Professional that the recording is solid, please listen when you are notified that the audio is ready. I have no clue why some people had trouble and others had no problem.  

Regardless of the audio difficulties, the slides are available for your perusal.  The webinar is an extract of a full-day workshop deployed in organizations that are interested in learning to document value streams. The slides are available via the link below: 

Webinar Slides

Let me know if you would like to discuss a value stream mapping workshop or if you have comments on the slides at tcagley@tomcagley.com

More information on Value Chain, Value Stream, and Process Mapping:

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