2019 was an interesting year on the blog and podcast. As I did last year (and the year before) the end of the year provides time for introspection.  We delivered 52 audio podcasts, one video, and 200 plus blog entries over the year. The top 10 podcasts were a mixture of interviews, essays, and discussions. If I were to extract a common theme it would be that they all represent practical, implementable ideas.  The top ten are:

Rank Title Web Player
1 SPaMCAST 522 – Scaling Agile and Getting To A MVP, An Interview With Jeff Anderson https://bit.ly/2TE2TYi
2 SPaMCAST 523 – Goodbye To Story Points, Centers of Excellence, Essays and Discussions https://bit.ly/2Q8odY0
3 SPaMCAST 530 – Agile and Enterprise Architecture, An Interview with Justin McPherson https://bit.ly/2R2OthM
4 SPaMCAST 527 – Story Maps, Agile Risk Management, Essays and Discussion https://bit.ly/2LElEqY
5 SPaMCAST 528 – Continuous Digital, An Interview With Allan Kelly https://bit.ly/2LUMN9s
6 SPaMCAST 524 – Quality, Risk and Agile Testing, An Interview with Matt Heusser https://bit.ly/2Ekfdc1
7 SPaMCAST 536 – An Executives View of Agile Transformations, An Interview with David Sohmer https://bit.ly/2Tw8OS0
8 SPaMCAST 533 – Can Agile (SAFe) Be Interfaced With Waterfall, DevOps Online Summit, The Why of Testing, Essays and Discussions https://bit.ly/2BueD8d
9 SPaMCAST 531- Balancing Control and Self-Organization, Cognitive Biases – Essays and Discussions https://bit.ly/2MzdWz1
10 SPaMCAST 540 – From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams, An Interview with Mark Kilby and Johanna Rothman https://bit.ly/2HRmMZa

Note the download numbers reflect casts posted between December 2018 and November 2019.

The top podcast from 2018 – SPaMCAST 486 – Daniel S Vacanti, Actionable Agile Metrics is the top downloaded cast of the decade  https://bit.ly/2KpyiwA.

Over on the blog, two main themes emerged. The core of the top ten included articles on decision making and entries from Re-Read Saturday. The top ten blog entries were:


Rank Tilte Link
1 Quality: Fit For Purpose http://bit.ly/2wZxkxX 
2 Five Guardrails for Decision Making Guardrails http://bit.ly/2YZ8nAb 
3 Metrics:  Four Types of Productivity http://bit.ly/2REdHVP 
4 Story Points – Leave Them, Don’t Love Them http://bit.ly/312WqtE 
5 Bad Blood by John Carreyrou, Re-read Week 11, Chapters 16, 17 and 18: The Grandson, Fame and The Hippocratic Oath http://bit.ly/38OhNTv 
6 Agile Techniques: Why Do We Keep Screwing Up Stand-Up Meetings http://bit.ly/2OvlJSQ 
7 The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, Re-read Week 8 – Chapter 7 – Case Study: Suicide, Smoking, and The Search For The Unsticky Cigarette  http://bit.ly/2PwP1PN 
8 Bad Blood by John Carreyrou, Re-read Week 12, Chapters 19 through Epilogue  http://bit.ly/35rM7RL 
9 Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman Re-read Week 1 – Logistics and Introduction http://bit.ly/2UL4D6h 
10 Guardrails In Decision Making http://bit.ly/2S2qsvr 

A few notes on plans for 2020

  1. Podcast – On January 26th we will begin our 14th year of podcasting.  We are projecting 52 more podcasts next year. Featuring new and old voices. I take requests, (just ask Steven Adams) — let me know who you like on the podcast.  I believe Allan Kelly will usher in year 14. I am also experimenting with transcribing interviews. Recently I started posting the transcribed answers to the “If you had two wishes and a magic wand” question I ask interviewees. 
  2. Blog – In 2020 we are planning on doing several themes on user stories, requirements, value chains, metrics, and TDD. The goal is to continue to thoroughly map the lifecycle of an idea as it moves from a sparkle in someone’s eye to production. 
  3. Site – In 2018 we thought we were very close to a new site. Our designer disappeared and things got complicated. I am planning for 2020 to be different even if it means taking an interim step.  

What can you do to help?

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  • I actively seek relevant sponsors on the podcast, consider sponsoring a cast.  Text, call or email me to talk sponsorship – tcagley@tomcagley.com).
  • Most importantly, listen to the podcast and read the blog!

Now back to your regularly scheduled content.  Happy New Year.