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The Software Process and Measurement Cast 602 features my interview with Duncan DeVore, the co-author of Reactive Application Development. Duncan and I talked about reactive design patterns, adopting a reactive architecture, and how writing a book changes your outlook on life.  It was a really cool discussion that covered technical and non-technical topics.

Note — I am sorry for missing a week. I did not expect a new laptop (less than a month old) would have its motherboard and SSD fail. I am thankful for backups! 

Duncan’s Bio:

I specialize in the design and implementation of distributed systems using the tenets of the Reactive Manifesto with Scala, Akka, and the Typesafe stack. I believe in responsible design through functional programming with an abundance of test coverage. I love to code, present, and help others work through the challenges of distributed computing.


Twitter: @IronFish

Re-Read Saturday News 

Week 2 of the journey through Tame Your Work Flow by Steve Tendon and Daniel Doiron finds us discussing the Prologue.  The prologue introduces concepts and provides a bridge for readers to this book from the Goal by Eli Goldratt and Steve Tendon, and Wolfram Müller’s book Hyper-Productive Knowledge Work Performance, The TameFlow Approach and Its Application to Scrum and Kanban

Next week we start Chapter 1, so buy a copy of Tame your Work Flow to support the authors and blog!  

Week 1: Logistics and Front Matter

Week 2: Prologue (The Story of Herbie) –


The Software Process and Measurement Cast 603 will feature my interview with Austin Chadwick. Austin and I talked mobbing, but perhaps more importantly to me, Austin talked about the impact of finding joy in everything you do.