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The Software Process and Measurement Cast 605 features our interview with Jodie Kane.  Jodie and I discussed involving product owners in retrospectives. Jodie suggests the answer should not be cut and dry but rather context-driven.

Jodie is a passionate, value-driven servant leader with a unique, energetic style that brings out the best in people and opens space for teams to be self-organizing high performers focused on delivering customer value and getting things done.

She has spent a lifetime honing her servant leadership skills, inviting people to work together, and creating space for human engagement to develop innovative, self-organizing, value-driven teams. 

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Re-Read Saturday News 

Chapter 3, Flow Efficiency, Little’s Law and Economic Impact, of Tame your Work Flow  is incredibly important for understanding the overall book. In your re-read spend the time needed understanding how the themes noted in the chapter title inter-relate. 

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Week 1: Logistics and Front Matter

Week 2: Prologue (The Story of Herbie) –

Week 3: Explicit Mental Models 

Week 4: Flow Efficiency, Little’s Law and Economic Impact 


The Software Process and Measurement Cast 606 features our interview with Marco Faella, author of Seriously Good Software: Code that Works, Survives, and Wins. Marco and I discussed quality, craftsmanship, and how being a passionate coder and academic mix.