Happy 2021!  As I reflect back on my goals for the podcast for 2020 I am reminded of the old saying “Man Plans, and God Laughs.” Overall we delivered a podcast every week but during the early days of the pandemic, fewer listened than before.  My gut is that when people stopped commuting, they stop listening. In response, we moved to a more interview-driven show, added panels, and multi-guest shows.  On the guest front, we had a number of guests back from previous years, such as Alan Kelley and Jeff Dalton. At the end of the year, the numbers were back up despite that lack of commuters – three of the most downloaded shows were first aired in late November.  The ten podcasts with the most downloads were:

  1. SPaMCAST 624 – Grateful and Servant Leadership Combined, Our Stories Aren’t Getting Done!, Essays and Conversations https://bit.ly/3loah7u
  2. SPaMCAST 626 – Custom Software Development, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, A Conversation With Jacob Glenn https://bit.ly/3lWOQuP  
  3. SPaMCAST 625 – Finding Great Developers, GitCommit Bounties, A Conversation With Drew Angell https://bit.ly/2KcMBpb
  4. SPaMCAST 615 – CMMC Cybersecurity Model, A Conversation With Jeff Dalton https://bit.ly/326yatp 
  5. SPaMCAST 587 – Fixing Your Scrum, An Interview with Todd Miller and Ryan Ripley http://bit.ly/2SS15wr 
  6. SPaMCAST 584 – The Art of Agile Product Ownership, An Interview with Allan Kelly http://bit.ly/36eS3hm  
  7. SPaMCAST 623 – Five Lines of Code, Refactoring, A Conversation with Christian Clausen https://bit.ly/3mJ2m50  
  8. SPaMCAST 619 –  Aligning People and Culture for Agile Transformation, A Conversation With Joe Schofield https://bit.ly/3lpZpWH
  9. SPaMCAST 586 – Great Big Agile and The Agile Performance Holarchy, An Interview with Jeff Dalton http://bit.ly/2SvsxQy
  10. SPaMCAST 585 – Most Agile Transformations Ignore Technical Skills, A Conversation with Susan Parente and Jon M Quigley http://bit.ly/2UFSRc6

Listen to any that you missed or just listen to them all!

The Podcast currently has four regular columnists; Susan Parente, Jon M Quigley, Jeremy Beriault, and Gene Hughson.  All four have brought great content to the show for more than a few years and 2020 was no exception. For example, Susan’s three-part series on Grateful Leadership was an eye-opener for me. The SPaMCASt would be diminished without their involvement.

On January 17th, the Software Process and Measurement Cast will begin year 15 with an interview of Johanna Rothman. We recorded the interview on New Year’s Day, a great start for the new year and a great start for a new podcast year. If I could wave a magic wand and have them accept an invitation, who should I try to get on the show this year? I have eight interviews recorded and ready to edit, so I need 20 or 30 more to complete the year. I am interested in your ideas. Also if you have an idea for a new column, I am all ears. 

If you would like to support the podcast there are several ways:

  1. Share the links to the podcast to your social media followers.
  2. Use one of the interviews to drive discussions at a community practice.
  3. Use the links in the show notes to buy interviewed authors’ books.
  4. Consider sponsoring one or more of the podcasts (reach out, we can discuss).
  5. Recommend the cast to a friend. 
  6. Next time you see an Alexa (even if it is not yours), ask it to play the Software Process and Measurement Cast from Apple Podcasts.
  7. Most importantly, continue listening!

Thank you for listening… on Thursday we will provide a few highlights from the Blog!