The Software Process and Measurement Cast features an essay on prioritization. We prioritize in order to establish what to work on and when to do it. There is often a difference between assigned priority and the real priority based on when teams start and complete a piece of work. This essay is part of the overall conversation on controlling work entry and answering the question: Are we working on the most important thing?

We also have a visit to the QA Corner with Jeremy Berriault. Mr. Berriault and I discussed how testing is integrated into the Agile Performance Holarchy.

Re-Read Saturday News 

June and early July are a busy period, this year more so (several birthdays, an anniversary, and family visits). That is a long way around to rationalizing why I am not delivering chapter 2 of Monotasking by Staffan Nöteberg.  I am still working with shortlists (chapter 2 has helped my implementation approach.  Meetings (part of the busyness fallacy discussed in Chapter 2) are making using the techniques of panorama cues and panorama sessions difficult once back-to-back meetings begin. We will be back with new content next week with two articles on prioritization and Chapter 2 of Monotasking on Saturday.

This week we revisit another favorite from the Re-read archive, the Conclusion of Carol Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. 

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The Conclusion of Carol Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success  

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The next Software Process and Measurement Cast will feature my interview with Christiano Gherardini: President, Owner & CEO at Turnkey Technologies. Christiano and I talked about the impact of using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages on businesses and software development organizations.