New content is nearly here!  The Software Process and Measurement Cast and Blog’s summer hiatus is drawing to a close.  There is still time to help pick the next Re-read Saturday Book.  I have decided to select the two books with the highest vote count (I like all of them) and use that as my backlog. Vote now and if you have already voted once, feel free to vote again to emphasize your opinion.

Upcoming Events

Have you registered for what in my opinion is the premier Agile Online Conference? It is time to monotask and take care of that oversight

Register Now and join us from October 25th to 27th, 2021, featuring live and recorded segments.

Join Tom and crew for the fifth annual event, The Agile Online Summit was virtual before virtual became a thing — they really know how to do this right. Tom indicates that since this is a milestone anniversary, he has some exciting twists and turns.  The Summit has free options and paid add-ons so you can tailor your experience to your schedule and need. Register using the link below to let them know the Software Process and Measurement Cast sent you 

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