When I started writing this blog entry I tried to remember all of the books that we have re-read (or read for the first time) on a weekly basis.  I couldn’t remember.  When I look at the statistics for the Re-read Saturday entries they are almost always in the top ten, month after month so it doesn’t matter whether I remember each of the entries (I added a task to my backlog to find them all) because you find and read them.  Two weeks ago I went on holiday, backpacking on Isle Royale. It was a total unplug. During that time I ran a poll to select the next two books to re-read.  The answer is: 

Poll Results – Next Re-read Saturday Book – August 2021

Mik Kersten – Project to Product 35.29% 

Douglas Squirrel and Jeffrey Fredrick – Agile Conversations 23.53%   


Tony Bouzón – The Mind Map Book 23.53%   

Charles Duhigg – The Power of Habit 5.88% 

Chris Voss – Never Split The Difference 5.88% 

Karin Tenelius and Lisa Gill – Moose Heads on the Table 5.88%  

Tony Bouzón’s book was tied in the voting; however, I voted for the book when I was testing the poll. This is not a slight to the book, The Mind Map Book fundamentally changed my life – no hint of hyperbole. Once we are done with Project to Product and Agile Conversations I might just add it to the mix.  

Next week we will begin to read Mik Kersten’s Project to Product. I will be reading from the Kindle version of the book published by IT Revolution.  The book includes a foreword, introduction, nine numbered chapters, a conclusion, and resources (we will not re-read this section). This works out to be 342 numbered pages for the Kindle Version. I have read this book twice, most recently during a book club (I hang around with geeks), and actively leverage the ideas in the book in my practice.

Buy a copy today

Whether you are just beginning fall or spring, I look forward to reflecting on Project to Product with you starting next Saturday.