Continuous improvement through inspecting and adapting is a core tenant of an agile mindset, which dovetails well with every executive’s need to deliver the most value possible.  Measurement is an important tool to help teams and organizations ask the right questions at the right time. Flow metrics, not burndowns and velocity, need to be a big part of any IT organization’s approach to measurement. 

We also have a visit from Jon M Quigley who brings his Alpha and Omega of Product Development column to the podcast.  Jon discusses the complicated relationship between time, work entry, and promises. 

Have you checked out The Open Transformation Playbooks Martin Foster discussed last week? If not, you are missing something important.   

The Open Transformation Playbooks is an initiative to build an open, remixable, body of knowledge for agile organizational transformation.  

Re-Read Saturday News 

Week 5 of our re-read of  Agile Conversations by Douglas Squirrel and Jeffrey Fredrick tackles Chapter 4: The Fear Conversation. Fear has a significant impact on what we think and how we behave. The changes that fear drives don’t stop at the individual, the behavior changes ripple through organizations. 

My experiment of the week:

Update on last week’s experiment.  I was able to use some of the ideas from the trust conversation this week.  I actually used the statement, “the story I am telling myself is  . . .” in a real conversation twice. The first time it felt contrived; it is much easier to state something as fact than to admit it might not be true. For both conversations, I had created a conversation analysis sheet to record the conversation. I need conversation analysis practice. Also, both conversations would have gone better with a copy of the trust ladder close at hand. 

This week’s experiment. I would like to try to generate a fear chart and have a fear conversation. I am still considering what type of job aids will be most useful.

Week 1: Logistics and Introduction 

Week 2: Escaping The Software Factory 

Week 3: Improving Your Conversations 

Week 4: The Trust Conversation 

Week 5 The Fear Conversation (Part 1) 


Next week Prabhjot Singh and I talk about AI. If you are a developer or entrepreneur, AI (however you define it) is in your future.  You need to be ready!   Mr. Singh is a serial entrepreneur who has started multiple for-profit, social enterprise, and non-profit ventures. He serves as President and CEO of Pyze.