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The SPaMCAST is on a three-week hiatus. We will be back with new programming on September 25. In the interim, I asked the SPaMCAST columnists (Jeremy, Jon, Susan, and Tony) for a couple of favorite columns they delivered.  Today we have:

Jeremy Berriault – Your Scrum Master Is Not Yout Team Admin from SPaMCAST 705 Want to listen to the full podcast?

Tony Timbol – Agile Requirement Lifecycle from SPaMCAST 709 – Want to listen to the full podcast?

Susan Parente – Virtual Agile from SPaMCAST 589 – Want to listen to the full podcast?


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Re-read Saturday News

I am packaging this show well ahead of time therefore all I can say for sure about the re-read is to remember to buy a copy of  Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins (SPaMCAST Amazon affiliate line and read along!

A quick advertisement:

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Next week we feature Jon M Quigley and Jon and Susan Parente together (a Jon and Susan-polza?)