As mentioned earlier, the Software Process and Measurement Cast blog featured approximately 212 entries in 2018 (about the same number as 2017).  What was astounding was that the traffic was up 68% over last year

The top six entries published this year were:  

Life Cycle of A User Story: Hierarchy

Turn the Ship Around! By L. David Marquet Re-read Saturday Week 7, Chapters 8 – 9: Change, In a Word and Welcome Aboard Sante Fe

Agile Where Agile Fears to Tread: Commercial Off The Shelf Packages

Life Cycle of A User Story: States

Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability by Daniel S. Vacanti, Re-read Saturday Week 11: Introduction to Cycle Time Scatterplots

Guest Post: Why an Agile Center of Excellence is a Really Bad Idea


Note – the data is for direct page views – the home page of the blog gets the lion’s share of the views, therefore, it is difficult to attribute the data to a single blog entry. (more…)



We continue showcasing our 2015 efforts with the ten most accessed blog articles written in 2015.  As with the recap of the ten most downloaded episodes of the Software Process and Measurement Cast, the blog entries that caught our reader’s eyes were widely varied.  I am thrilled that two entries from our Re-Read Saturday feature made the top ten list because the Software Process and Measurement Blog tends to get its most traffic on weekdays, which often means that Saturday and Sunday post are seen less. The inference is that the blog is being accessed primarily from work (we work very hard to keep the blog and the podcast office safe for exactly that reason). (more…)

Part of the enjoyment of publishing the Software Process and Measurement Blog and Podcast is interacting with my listeners, readers and interviewees!

Contests on the blog are one of the ways we provide the listener’s with a little bit of lagniappe. The Software Process and Measurement Cast 330 features an interview with Anthony Mersino. The interview about Agile, coaching, organizational change AND his new book Agile Project Management  provided great advice to the podcast listeners. In a great gesture,  Anthony sponsored a contest for copy of his book. The winner is Paul Laberge! Paul is a long time reader of the blog and listener to the podcast (and frequently writes to discuss ideas or to argue about cell phone operating systems). Here is a picture of Paul and his new book.


Paul, thank you for being part of both the podcast and the blog! Anthony, thank you for providing the book and the contest! Interested in doing a review Paul?

On another front, recently I attended the CMMI® Global Conference and met Hiroshi Kobayashi. Hiroshi is also a listener, reader and often comments on the blog. I find it incredible to meet people in person that I interact with on the podcast and blog. Interacting with members of the SPaMCAST community keeps me motivated. Here is a picture of Hiroshi and myself (thanks to Paul Byrnes for taking the picture).


Hiroshi is a Senior Executive Manager of the CMMI Consulting Division at System Information Company in Japan. He is also PMI certified Project Management Professional and a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master.

Hiroshi, I look forward to collaborating on the blog and podcast!

A message to all readers and listeners! If you are going to be at ICEAA in June 9 -12 in San Diego, please let me know or find me at the conference. I would like to me you in person, hear your story, talk about ideas, concepts and even the weather!

My sincere thanks to Paul, Hiroshi and ALL of my readers and listeners. Interacting with you enriches my blogging and podcasting experience and I hope it enriches yours!