Many of the contributors to the Software Process and Measurement Cast are give webinars, attend and present at conferences.  On a monthly basis, I will provide a list of webinars and conferences that we will be attending. If I get discount codes for any of the conferences I will pass them on to you! (more…)

Øredev 2016
November 9 – 11
Malmö, Sweden

Øredev was AWESOME!  The short review reads: good sessions, good food, good people and great conversations.  Here’s the longer version . . . (more…)

photoAn Agile team is comprised of a product owner, team members (from all the disciplines needed to deliver the project) and the scrum master. Delivering on the team’s commitment is the ultimate measure of value. The scrum master helps to create an environment for the team to work together. Over the life of a project, everyone on the team has to lead and facilitate for the team to effectively deliver value. (more…)

Yesterday we hiked on the Great Wall of China. This is our second wonder of the world. It was an amazing event.