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SPaMCAST 484 features our interview with Andriy Bas of UPTech.  Andriy and his partner have created a firm that has truly embraced the ideas of agile, Teal and holacracy to create a highly productive, collaborative and safe workspace. We discussed the impact of the environment on satisfaction, quality, and productivity.  We also discussed whether or not this type of approach works for all people.

Andriy Bass an entrepreneur, programmer, reader and marathon runner. Andriy is a co-founder and Team Lead of the IT-company UPTech. The company is known for their unique culture – radical transparency, horizontal hierarchy, self-management. Andriy believes that healthy culture and teamwork is the foundation for any successful business and that the best client service starts with taking care of your team. The true creativity and human potential can also be fully unleashed only in the autonomous self-managed environment.


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Re-Read Saturday News

The Oscars are being announced March 4, 2018. At some point in the process, someone will call for the envelope and boom: the big reveal. So in the spirit of the moment, we have our next book for the Re-read Saturday. We will begin re-reading Turn the Ship Around by L. David Marquet in two weeks (buy your copy today). I have interviewed Mr. Marquet twice for the podcast; I have gotten a ton from his books and the interviews, so I am pumped. I also want to announce the book after that, The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande (I recently bought a copy and want to share what I have gotten out of it). Now on with the main attraction! (more…)