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The second installment of the Patterns (video) Podcast is available on YouTube at  Ben Woznicki and I discuss #NoProjects.  #NoProjects reimagines the classic organization of work that has a definite beginning and end (limited duration) often with a temporary organization as an ongoing operation. If reading is more your style, I wrote an essay on the topic simply titled #NoProjects in 2019  I will publish an audio version of the Patterns Podcast soon.  Ben and I would like your feedback on the video podcast and ideas for future episodes.  Reach out at or (more…)


Happy Saturday!  In the United States, today is the 4th of July, which is Independence Day. Personally, more importantly, it is my wife’s birthday.  This is the long way around telling you that we will not have an entry of Re-read Saturday. We will be back next week with Chapter 4 of Tame your Work Flow. Catch up on previous entries 

Week 1: Logistics and Front Matter

Week 2: Prologue (The Story of Herbie) –

Week 3: Explicit Mental Models 

Week 4: Flow Efficiency, Little’s Law and Economic Impact 

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More announcements!

Patterns Podcast: The first full episode of the Patterns Podcast has been posted on YouTube. In the first full episode, Ben Wozniki and I tackle the concept of User Stories. User Stories are a ubiquitous feature of Agile implementations.  We have posted the video on our YouTube channel.

We would love to have your feedback. I will not throw a 200 mg file in the audio podcast feed again (we might create another feed). 

Tom Cagley and Associates Website: We are days away from a website that brings everything together, my company, the blog, and the podcast. We will also be kicking off a newsletter in later July. We are still in the design process so I would really like your input on what makes a great newsletter. One of my favorites is Tim Ferris’s 5 Bullet Friday.   Email me at  Feel free to send a sample. 

Software Process and Measurement Cast: The Software Process and Measurement Cast 606 posts tomorrow (listen to SPaMCAST 605) and features our interview with Marco Faella, author of Seriously Good Software: Code that Works, Survives, and Wins. Marco and I discussed quality, craftsmanship, and how being a passionate coder and academic mix.


Software Process and Measurement Cast 251 – Commitment, Revisited

The Software Process and Measurement Cast 251 features Commitment Part 2 or Revisited depending on your point of view.  This new essay builds on the essay broadcast in SPaMCAST 239 and as I said before, “Committed individuals are the building blocks for building committed teams.  While teams are generally required for achieving results in software development, individuals are never optional”



Daily Process Thoughts last week featured six articles on Transactional Analysis

People are the heart of the interactions that drive every organization and team. Increasing the effectiveness of communication will directly translate to higher productivity. To improve communication you need to develop an understanding of psychology. Transactional Analysis is one of the most useful communication theories for IT professionals because it allows ust to communicate effectively. Transactional Analysis provides a basis to enrich your dealings with others by helping us understand why communication gets crossed Transactional Analysis, developed by Eric Berne, was built on the idea that the human psyche is multifaceted. Berne suggests that there are three egos states: the parent, the child and the adult. Each of these ego states has different attributes, and an understanding of each can help IT professionals better communicate.

Monday: Overview of Ego States, Daily Process Thoughts, August 12, 2013

Tuesday: Parent Ego State, Daily Process Thoughts, August 13 2013

Wednesday: Adult Ego State, Daily Process Thoughts, August 14 2013

Thursday: Child Ego State, Daily Process Thoughts, August 15 2013

Friday: Strokes, Daily Process Thoughts, August 16 2013

Saturday: Transactions, Daily Process Thoughts, August 17, 2013


Webinars (This Week)

QAI Webinar: “Project Management Is Dead, Long Live Project Management”

Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

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Lean Coffee: An Open Forum for Agile / Lean Discussion with Tom Cagley

August 22, 2013 -Time: 4:00pm EST
Presenter: Tom Cagley, Agile Coach and Advisor, DCG
The Lean Coffee is a structured, but agenda-less meeting. Participants gather, build an agenda, and begin talking about Agile and Lean. Conversations are directed and productive because the agenda for the meeting is democratically generated.

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