Teams like cooking is about people.

We use Scrum or any of the team-based agile methods for many reasons. Working as a team with an agile mindset:

  • Provides an understanding of how what we are doing fits into the bigger picture.
  • Furnishes the transparency needed to keep track of work with less overhead.
  • Focuses work on deliverables.
  • Avoids the peril of being interrupt-driven (and its nefarious sibling, multitasking).


Guest Blogger Lights Up Business Agility

Guest Post: Business Software System Efficiencies
by Diane Davidson

Industry experts are predicting that merger and acquisition (M&A) activities will continue to be the option for companies looking to scale their operations, enter new markets, or keep pace with technology-savvy startups. A by-product of M&A actions is stranded assets both at the parent company and the remaining company. These stranded assets are the business systems and technology landscape that was left behind during the divestiture process. The epicenter of those systems is the company’s financials and related data. Duplicate business systems and complex technology landscapes lead to higher IT costs and maintenance. (more…)

2019 was an interesting year on the blog and podcast. As I did last year (and the year before) the end of the year provides time for introspection.  We delivered 52 audio podcasts, one video, and 200 plus blog entries over the year. The top 10 podcasts were a mixture of interviews, essays, and discussions. If I were to extract a common theme it would be that they all represent practical, implementable ideas.  The top ten are: (more…)


With 2018 on the horizon I want to spend a few moments to showcase the most popular podcasts and blog entries published in 2017.

For those of you who read the blog and don’t listen to the podcast, a quick reminder — the Software Process and Measurement Podcast explores the varied world of software process improvement and measurement, providing solutions and advice on how to improve value delivery effectiveness. SPaMCAST combines essays, commentaries, interviews, question and answer sessions, and your feedback to serve up ideas, options, opinions, and advice that can be applied in the real world. In a nutshell, the cast provides advice for and from practitioners, methodologists, pundits, and consultants!

The podcast is published every Sunday, 52 times a year (except when we have equipment failure). We publish two types of podcasts. The first type features an interview, and the second is more of a magazine and includes an essay from the blog and two or three columns from a great group of contributors. The current cast of incredible minds include:

Are you interested in participating? Pitch me! The more voices the better! (more…)



We continue showcasing our 2015 efforts with the ten most accessed blog articles written in 2015.  As with the recap of the ten most downloaded episodes of the Software Process and Measurement Cast, the blog entries that caught our reader’s eyes were widely varied.  I am thrilled that two entries from our Re-Read Saturday feature made the top ten list because the Software Process and Measurement Blog tends to get its most traffic on weekdays, which often means that Saturday and Sunday post are seen less. The inference is that the blog is being accessed primarily from work (we work very hard to keep the blog and the podcast office safe for exactly that reason). (more…)