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We are back with new content this week! The bears did not eat us as we trekked in three national parks. We did see bears but kept a respectable distance from them. Today the SPaMCAST 722 features an interview with Scott Showalter, Agile Career Accelerator. We discussed the definition of an agile coach. Building on that definition we wrestled with how to scale the business of agile coaching. 

Note – I mispronounced Scott’s name at the beginning of the interview, rather than re-record the faux pax, it triggered a great story so I left it in.

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This week Jeff Perry and I discussed learning how to consciously guide your technology career. We are all problem solvers, and Jeff provides a ton of hard-won advice. We also wrestled with the difference between a series of jobs and a career. 

Jeff’s Bio:

Jeff Perry

Jeff Perry is the founder of More Than Engineering and serves as a leadership and career coach for engineers and technology professionals.

His innovative programs and coaching help people take a mindful, intentional, and purposeful approach to career transitions, leadership, and personal development goals.

Listeners of the SPaMCAST can find some free resources including the Career Clarity Checklist at They can also find and follow Jeff on LinkedIn at

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SPaMCAST 546 features our interview with Michael Milutis. Michael and I talk about putting people back in charge of their careers. Michael provides advice that every listener can put to use immediately and in the long run.

Michael’s Bio:

Michael Milutis is an INFP and IT generalist committed to human capital development and continuous learning within a shifting technology landscape. (more…)

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A good mentor can power up your career

Learning and growing is a requirement to excel in a career.  There are many paths to growth. Arguably many of the most successful among us work very hard and take advantage of every opportunity they can find for education, training, practice, coaching and mentoring.  Each mechanism used to acquire knowledge provides a different path to knowledge.  A mentor helps the mentee to grow and develop by transferring their experience over a relatively long period of time.  The length of time the mentee and mentor interact and the level of intimacy can generate an enormous impact on the trajectory of a person’s career. Picking the correct mentor requires effort and forethought. A simple checklist can be used to test whether the person you are considering makes sense.  All of the items in the checklist are yes/no questions; there are no in-between or sort-of answers. (more…)

You Are Responsible For You

You Are Responsible  For You

Who is responsible for your success?  Stephen Covey in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, suggested that we are able to make our own decisions on how we will react to events that happen around us. Specifically, that we “act or be acted upon.”   Take responsibility for your own success and your own career.  No one is responsible for your success except for you.