I have been vacillating between an intense discussion of Bad Blood and a terse and blunt statement about Theranos.  In the end, I took a middle path. If you want to dive into the detail again, grab the book and the follow our re-read through it.  If you want the later,  the bottom line is — sleazy company, bad board and sociopathic people at the top.  Now the middle path. (more…)

Fire hose area in Brazil

Toxic can be incendiary!

The current re-read, Bad Blood, Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou, is a cautionary tale of the impact of a  toxic culture that seemly sprang into existence the day Theranos was founded.  Most organizations that have a toxic culture don’t begin as toxic but rather evolve.  For the fans of the re-read we will take a slight diversion later this week to consider just how toxic the Theranos environment was and how a toxic environment can translate to teams. Just calling a culture toxic is easy, but recognizing the attributes of a toxic environment is more complicated.  The most onerous attributes are: (more…)